Where Harvey Elliott plays best for Liverpool?

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As versatile as they come

When Harvey Elliott arrived at Liverpool as a young spring chicken, he was a deciteful winger with flair and an abundance of confidence. We know he has got the ability to play out wide, but will his technical attributes allow him to excel in a new role?

So far this season, Elliott has started twice for Liverpool in the premier league, but not in his usual position, but in midfield. Klopp has shown great trust in the young englishman, and he has not disappointed. Does Klopp have long term plans for Harvey Elliott as a creative midfielder?

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How do his talents suit him as a winger/midfielder?


Harvey Elliott playing for Blackburn Rovers in the Championship. He scored 7 goals alongside 11 assists.
Harvey Elliott scored 7 goals and had 11 assists in the championship last season

Personally, I think Harvey’s ball control, flair and dribbling ability are the strengths in his game… ideal for a winger. He has the ability to beat his man and get in behind to either have a shot at goal, or put in a cross. Considering how young he is, his confidence is off the charts. He constantly wants the ball and isn’t afraid of using it. He doesn’t fear mistakes. How frustrating is it when a player is lacking confidence and constantly plays is safe. Not Harvey Elliott, he knows when he wants to do things, and does it. He showed this during his season long loan at Blackburn Rovers last season.


The biggest weakness as a winger in modern football is defenitely his speed. He is no slouch but he doesn’t have the pace of the likes of Mo Salah and Sadio Mane. Therefore although he has the awareness to run in behind, quicker full-backs wont be too worried.


Harvey Elliott shows off his wand of a left foot with his sharp and agile dribbling.
A wand of a left foot, sharp dribbling of Harvey Elliott

Similarly to his strengths as a winger, great ball control and dribbling, he can drive the ball forward out of midfield, allowing the front 3 to get further forward, making the attack more dangerous. He has quick feet and good passing ability, especially with his forward passes, which can unlock stubborn defenses, something Liverpool have a hard time doing.

It’s not just his attacking prowess that is of high standard, but he works hard off the ball as well. He has a good engine, albeit he is young, but he gets around the pitch and works hard to win the ball back. Klopp must have been working with him on the ‘geggenpressing’ tactic.


Harvey’s size could be a potential issue as a midfielder. Standing at just 5ft 6inches, he is by far the tallest midfielder, which may impact his physicality and ariel ability. Although he will have the likes of Henderson and Fabinho with him in the middle. Also, he wouldn’t be the first small in stature midfielder, just look at Xavi.

So what is the conclusion? Midfielder or Winger

Just from my opinion, it doesn’t matter where he plays as hes got the ability to play as either a winger or midfielder. For development purposes, its good to keep a player playing in a particular position so they can learn their trade.

It’s pretty obvious that Klopp has long term plans for Harvey Elliott, as he has shown great trust in him by playing him in back to back games for Liverpool, including the game against Chelsea. He has a very promising future ahead of him, and Klopp knows best how to help him reach his true potential.

How it looks at the moment, long term he may play as a midfielder, as his attributes suit the modern day attacking midfielder. With talk of Trent Alexander Arnold moving into midfield as he gets older, with the upcoming Curtis Jones aswell, could we be looking at Liverpool’s future midfield lineup?

This is all speculation but the idea of this becoming true is exciting and potentially a promising time of things to come.

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