What’s Next For Arsenal? Is Arteta near the end?

What is next for Arsenal and Arterta? Can he recover from this? Source: Arsenal.com

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Games PlayedWinsDrawsLoses
Arsenal’s fixture results after the first 3 games of the 2021/22 season.

From just 3 games played this season, Arsenal fans are starting to worry and are calling for a change. It seems as though things just aren’t improving this season so far and there’s only so much Arsenal fans can take. Losing 3 consecutive games at the start of the season is Arsenal’s worst start to a season in 67 years. With their biggest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur sitting and the top of the table, whilst Arsenal sit rock bottom, things are not looking good…

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Is it just bad luck or is it really that bad for Arteta’s men?

Some may argue that the recent results for Arsenal are plain unacceptable and that there are no valid excuses for this poor run of results due to the once feared winning nature of the club. This is understandable, considering that Arsenal have spent approximately £130m during this transfer window, making them the biggest spenders in Europe. There is no doubt that with the signings Arsenal have made, with their current squad, that they should be getting better results.

With the firepower that Arsenal possess going forward, with the likes of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Bukayo Saka, goals should be the least of there worries… well in theory. However, with no goals being scored in their opening 3 games, with only 7 shots on target, it seems as their source for goals has become dry. Surely some confidence and getting that first goal will be all Arteta’s men need to get out of the blocks. Only time will tell for the Gunners.

Games PlayedGoals ScoredShots on TargetGoals ConcededGoal Difference
307 from 24 total 9-9
Arsenal’s poor scoring and defenive problems seem to be the root for the recent display of unsatisfactory performances.

Tough first 3 openings for Arsenal

Ferran Torres knotches a brace in Man City’s 5-0 rout against Arsenal. Source:Getty

Arsenal started the season with a 2-0 loss away to Brentford, followed by a 2-0 loss at home to Chelsea and most recently, the 5-0 thrashing at the Etihad.

Having two of the title contenders to play in the opening 3 fixtures can be hard to swallow, especially when teams want to get momentum before playing against teams in the ‘top six’. It was the opening fixture which stunned Arsenal and begun this horrid stretch. Whilst some may argue that Arsenal should be winning against the newly promoted Brentford, this was not an easy game to get a result.

Being newly promoted, first game at home in premier league history, and the return of fans brings excitement, motivation and as they say, the 12th man, which helped them overwhelm Arsenal to what ended as a comfortable win for The Bees.

From then on it became and uphill struggle for the games against Chelsea and Man City. Chelsea’s high tempo, direct style of play was too much for Arsenal, with Chelsea’s new signing Romelu Lukaku bullying what appeared to be a shocking defensive back line. At the Etihad on Saturday, Arsenal were very quickly behind, conceding to a Ilkay Gundogan header after 7 minutes, followed by a Ferran Torres goal only 5 minuntes later. This game was just the icing on the pudding in terms of highlighting Arsenal’ defensive woes which have not yet been stabilied with the signing of Ben White for £50m. The nightmare went from bad to worse as Xhaka once again abandons his discpline with a dangerous off the floor tackle which saw the Swiss see red. The game finished 5-0 which seemed a blessing considering how many chances City created.

Is the end near for Arteta?

With the pressure mounting of Arteta, its difficult at this current moment to understand whether the board will be patient and give him time to implement his complex system which clearly isn’t smooth sailing right now. Personally, I think the fans will be the ones to either keep him his job, or see him out the door. Back when Arsene Wenger was in charge, the ‘WengerOut’ hashtag was trending and Arsenal fans began to boycott games to force him out of the club. Could we see a repeat with Arteta?

If Arteta is to regain trust from the board and the fans, the team’s form must change immediately, as anything but a win against Norwich will result in the cards not being in Artetas favour. Schoolboy defending errors, and the basics of scoring is all Arteta needs to get his players to ammend to start obtaining results. Albeit, this is easier said than done.

If Arteta was to lose his job, who would even be the man to take over? It seems as though Brendan Rodgers is favourite to become the next manager of Arsenal, at 2/1. As Roy Keane mentioned when discussing James Maddison’s future, Arsenal seem to be a step down for the Leicester City manager, with the Foxes being relatively successful in recent years.

Would you stick with Arteta or is it time for a change? If so, who is the man to take charge?

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