Liverpool v Leeds post-game review: Great win

Leeds v Liverpool Post game overview

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Leeds United hosted Liverpool at Elland Road on Sunday, which ended in a 3-0 win for the visitors. It was an entertaining game of football that was overshadowed by a horrific injury to the 18 year old, Harvey Elliott.

The moment Salah scored his 100th premier league goal

The game started with a high tempo from both sides, with both teams getting in behind early. Raphina and Jota both missed chances that should have put their respective sides ahead. As mentioned in the pre-game review, Leeds can be very vulnerable defensively due to their attacking play style. This was uncovered in the 20th Minute when Joel Matip drove forward like a prime centre forward, played a quick one-two with Salah, then playing the ball on the overlap for Trent, who displays his pinpoint precision with a cross for Salah who sticks it home for his 100th premier league goal.

It doesn’t take long in the second half to get the second goal. After a review for a potential penalty on Mane which was dismissed after what seemed to be a foul from Kalvin Phillips, Liverpool had a corner. Trent whips it into the box, for Virgil Van Dijk to comfortably head down into dangerous territory. Fabinho takes a swipe, which was blocked by Bamford, back into Fabinho’s path who controls it delicately with the outside of his boot and smashes it into the net…. 2-0 Liverpool. Just 8 minutes later in the 58th minute, Harvey Elliott is on the break and Pascal Struijk comes in from behind on the young star, and injures him. Mo Salah waved frantically for the medical team to come onto the pitch after seeing a distressed Elliott with his foot looking very much in the wrong position. Struijk was sent off for the dangerous tackle which may have ended poor Harvey’s season.

In the last couple of minutes of the game, after what seemed a frustrating evening for Sadio Mane, despite the positive performance, he finally scored. Mane had 9 missed attempts, before scoring on his 10th shot, more than the whole of the Leeds team combined. This capped off a solid performance from Klopp’s men, although this was overshadowed by Elliott’s horrific injury.

Klopp on Harvey Elliott’s injury

In his post game interview, you could see how deeply affected Klopp was by the injury the Harvey Elliott.

Harvey Elliott was in good spirits as he was stretchered off at Elland Road.

Klopp said: “It is a bad injury. Ankle. I heard it was dislocated and we could put it back. He is now in the hospital,” Klopp said. “He is an incredible player. Now he’s out. Do I want a young boy having such an experience early in his career? No I don’t. Obviously he’s a top player. I could see his foot was not in the right place. We were all shocked.”

Although as bad of an injury that is, there are some positives to take from Klopp’s statement. A dislocation of the ankle is better than a complete break of the leg/ankle, which means a shortened recovery time assuming there is no serious damage to the surround ligaments. Rather than be out for approximately 1 year, it is more likely to be 4 months, which would see Harvey Elliott potentially return this season. It may be a very similar injury to Andre Gomes of Everton a while back.

Harvey has since been discharged from hospital, and will undergo surgery on Tuesday.

Lack of respect from Leeds fans

To add insult to injury, literally, there were a large number of Leeds fans at Elland road singing songs related to the Hillsborough disaster whilst Harvey Elliott was down receiving treatment. Claiming that Liverpool are always the victim and its never Liverpool’s fault, is absoluteluy disgusting.

Last season, I was routing for the newly promoted Leeds side, but my respect for them has vanished. I hope the FA were aware of these remarks and they are punished accordingly. Let’s hope the football Gods put them in a relegation battle.


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