Liverpool FC’s Expectations vs Reality this season

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With Liverpool FC being such a successful club over recent years, the expectations for the team are very high. The standards have been set and fans want more success and trophies but what are the exact expectations from fans and what is the reality of the situation?


Liverpool were successful in their pursuit of the Premier League title in 2020
Liverpool were successful in their pursuit of the Premier League title in 2020

As a fan of any team would say they want to win every competition they are in, but with Liverpool its different. Back to back Champions League finals in recent years, winning one of them, alongside winning the Premier League 2020, Super Cup and World Club Cup sets some high standards.

After what was considered a poor title defence last season, Liverpool will be hoping to put their name back into the history books by winning the Premier League this season to stamp their authority into English football once again. An important note to remember which is why Liverpool will desperate to win the league is because it will be title number 20 which draws them level with Manchester United.

European nights at Anfield will provide an atmosphere that is unmatched in world football. Liverpool love a Champions League fixture. They are the most successful English team in the Champions League, with 6 wins. It is a competition Liverpool are always expected to do well in, although last season wasn’t the greatest for Liverpool as they were hit hard by injuries. Liverpool fans may prefer the league but if not would expect the Champions League.


Last season finishing 3rd which was considered a bad season just shows the standards that have been set. With multiple key players returning from injury this season, most noticeable Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool have made a great start to the season with 13 points from a possible 15. They sit second in the league, well joint top with Chelsea but second due to alphabetical order. As it stands, they are real contenders for the Premier League title which may be a 4 horse race between Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. The Premier League is definitely achievable and would be one target completed if they are succesful in their pursuit.

Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 to win the Champions League in 2019
Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 to win the Champions League in 2019

The Champions League as mentioned has been a tournament where Liverpool have been relatively successful reaching the final in 2018 and then winning it in 2019. As fixtures for this competition only began earlier this week, it is difficult to make a true conclusion on their chances. However, Liverpool started win a 3-2 win against AC Milan at Anfield which was an eventful tie which Liverpool looked very dangerous in. If they play at that level throughout, alongside their recent success in the competition, who is to say they wont go all the way?

Expectations can become reality

Considering how the season has started for Liverpool, they have put themselves in a great position to compete for both the Premier League and Champions League if they continue their form and avoid any major injuries. If so, there is a good chance that their expectations can become a reality.

With Mbappe, Haaland and Bellingham on Liverpool’s radar, there is no better time for them to win both of these competitions as this brings in funds to potentially make high profile signings next summer. In addition to funds, winning attracts the best talents in football so if Liverpool can pull this off, fans may have a lot to look forward to.

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