Liverpool FC to make suprise Coutinho signing?

Philippe Coutinho left Liverpool FC to join FC Barcelona in 2018 for a deal worth £142m. Since then, the Brazilian has struggled to make the starting XI consistently. During his time at Barcelona, he went on loan to Bayern Munich in an attempt to reignite his career.

Meanwhile, Barcelona have been looking to offload their record signing. Subsequently, Liverpool FC are one of the clubs linked with a return for Coutinho. Therefore, his agent has tried to convince Liverpool to make a move for him, stating that Coutinho still has Liverpool FC deeply in his heart.

Could Liverpool FC benefit from the signing?

Although Liverpool haven’t struggled since selling Coutinho, they haven’t replaced him. Could resigning Coutinho make it slighly easier for Liverpool? Well, there have been times that Liverpool FC have struggled to find that killer pass to break down defences. In addition, Coutinho could add to the depth Liverpool FC desire.

Also, resigning Coutinho isn’t a risk if you consider his performances for Liverpool FC previously. We know that Klopp’s system takes time to adjust to, but Coutinho has done it before. Surely it is worth the risk as we know what he can do.

Will Klopp and Liverpool make a move?

Klopp enjoyed working with Philippe Coutinho and his skillset. Coutinho flourished under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool FC.
Jurgen Klopp enjoyed working with Philippe Coutinho

Would Liverpool FC really consider resigning their former star? As expected, there are many factors that come in to play regarding bringing Coutinho back to Anfield. Firstly, it depends on the fee that FC Barcelona will demand for him. Liverpool FC sold him for £142m in 2018 as mentioned, but Liverpool won’t be paying that for him.

What is stopping Liverpool FC?

FC Barcelona have stated that they are willing to sell him back to Liverpool in exchange for their debt to be cleared; £40m. Considering the current market, £40m for a player of Coutinho’s caliber is a bargain. This makes it a deal worth making, however this brings me to the next point.

Secondly, will `FSG cough up the funds to make this deal a reality? During the summer of 2021, FSG stated that they were not in a position to spend on new signings. Therefore, they prioritised the contract extensions of key players currenty at the club. So they had their priorities straight. Even to the extent where signing Ozan Kabak on a permanent deal for £18m was ruled out unless we sold a centre back. Therefore, we wonder if they would laugh Klopp out the door if he asked to make it happen, let alone discusssing his huge wage.

Finally, does Klopp even want him back? FSG were willing to take Coutinho back at Liverpool FC, but it was Jurgen Klopp who blocked the transfer. Who would have thought Klopp is not interested in the idea of bringing the Brazilian back to Anfield. It doesn’t mean that Coutinho is not returning to Anfield, as we have seen stranger things happen. If you were Klopp, would you take him back?

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