Liverpool FC expect Gerrard to make his exciting return

One man Liverpool FC would be delighted to see return to Anfield is Steven Gerrard. Not as a player but as the manager, although I still think Liverpool would take him as a player.

When asked about a potential return to Liverpool as the future manager, Gerrard said: “Is it a dream for me to one day to be the Liverpool manager? Yes it is, but not yet.”

But what is the destined route for Gerrards return?

Great start to managing

Steven Gerrard signed his first managerial job in professional football with Rangers in the Scottish Premiership in 2018. Since then he has revitalised Rangers and made them the best side in Scotland.

From 181 games managed, he has won 118, drawn 38 and lost only 25 matches. This is a win percentage of 65%, which is very impressive considering its his first mangerial job.

Gerrard wins the Scottish Premiership with Rangers after going unbeaten all season. Will he be returning to manage Liverpool FC?

In the 2020/21 season, Gerrard won Rangers their first league title in 10 years. This prevented Celtic from making it 10 titles in a row. What a way to spoil the party. To top it off, his Rangers side were undefeated in the league all season.

When will he return to Liverpool FC?

Klopp’s current contract is set to expire in 2024. Therefore, the next manager to be appointed is up for discussion. It must be the right decision to keep Liverpool at their current level.

The name that fans keep throwing out for the job is Steven Gerrard. Players have not necessarily done well when returning to their club as manager, such as Mikel Arteta and Frank Lampard. Liverpool need to put his legacy as a player aside. They need to be sure he is the right man for the job and can handle the pressure.

His resume is impressive so far as he has been exceptional for Rangers. He signed a 4-year deal with Rangers in 2018, so his contract will expire in 2022. This leaves him two years before Klopp is set to step down as Liverpool manager.

What would be best for him in those years waiting?

Join Klopp or work alone

There are two options for Gerrard for him to booster his chances. Either he joins Klopp as an assistant manager and learn everything Klopp knows about the current side as well as tactical lessons, or he proves himself by managing a highly rated side in the Premier League.

Klopp’s right hand man at Liverpool FC

Who else better to learn from than Klopp in regards to managing this successful Liverpool team? Joining Klopp as his right hand man will give him first hand experience working with the team he will soon takeover. He can learn the ins and outs of Klopp’s system, training regime and man management to make the change a more natural fit. Personally, I think this is the best option for both Gerrard and Liverpool as the transition shouldn’t be too dramatic on the teams performance and alleviates the pressure.

Proving himself in the Premier League

Alternatively, Gerrard could take the more ‘natural’ route and test himself in the league he will be managing in with his boyhood club. Managing a team such as West Ham, Leicester or Tottenham could be a good stepping stone for Gerrard to become accustomed to the Premier League with a team that has relatively high expectations. This could allow him to prove himself in the Premier League and the Champions League. Something is telling me that if Gerrard is to manage in the Premier League, there’s only one team that is going to be, and that is Liverpool. Therefore this option may be too farfetched.

Regardless of the route he takes, he is definitely destined to become the next Liverpool manager, and I really hope that it materialises. For the moment, lets appreciate Klopp’s greatness.

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