Coming out of retirement: LaMarcus Aldridge signs with the Nets

Return of Aldridge

Prior to the NBA playoffs, LaMarcus Aldridge made the decision to retire from the NBA after suffering from a health condition involving his heart. Shortly after he was drafted in 2006, it was discovered that rookie Aldridge has Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome which is a condition leading to and irregular rhythm in his heartbeat. Cardiovascular problem are always to be taken seriously, and LaMarcus Aldridge didn’t hesitate to call it a day to protect his health. However, he has now been cleared to play and has announced that he is coming back to the NBA; with the Nets.

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Resigning with the Brooklyn Nets

LaMarcus has decided to pick up where he left off 5 months ago, by resigning with the Nets. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, he has signed a $2.6 million deal for a single year. Back in the 2006 when he was drafted, he was taken as the second pick and has since averaged 19.4ppg increasing to 20.8ppg in the playoffs.

He is well known for his excellent mid range and post game. His presence in the post is something the Brooklyn Nets will be salivating over, as this is possibly the only weakness in the star studded Nets roster, where he can rotate with Blake Griffin and newly signed Paul Millsap. This is more important after the trade of DeAndre Jordan to detroit, who has agreed to a buyout and will sign for the LA Lakers.

In addition to his strong offensive game, he has good defensive abilities due to his strength and IQ, resulting in him averaging 1.1bpg for his career, with 1.4bpg in the post season. The Nets are already a very high scoring team with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden, so his scoring is a benfit to this Nets team, but that defensive reassurance he offers further increases their reputation to be contenders.

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