Liverpool FC stun FC Barcelona at Anfield

A night to never forget for Liverpool FC It has been over two years since the historic night in the Champions league semi-final which saw Liverpool FC run riot against Barcelona at Anfield. European nights are always special, especially at Anfield but there was something in the air that night. Was it the underdog statementContinue reading “Liverpool FC stun FC Barcelona at Anfield”

Will things get Messi in Paris?

The most unexpected transfer in history The biggest football headline of the summer is the free transfer of Lionel Messi from Barcelona, where he joined as a boy, to Paris Saint Germain (PSG) as one of the greatest to ever grace a football pitch. It was never imagined that Messi would leave Barcelona, so ifContinue reading “Will things get Messi in Paris?”

Can the USA solve the financial fair play crisis in European football?

UEFA has set FFP rules to regulate excess spending in European football. Picture Source: Emojimedia For instant updates on new related posts, subscribe below to get your daily sports news. UEFA Champions League Quiz: 300 Questions on Players, Teams, Trophies & Lots More to Test Your Knowledge (Football Quiz Books) What is financial fair playContinue reading “Can the USA solve the financial fair play crisis in European football?”

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