Breaking NBA news: DeAndre Jordan is being traded to Detroit

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Trade details

Brooklyn Nets center DeAndre Jordan has been traded to the Detroit Pistons. The deal entails DeAndre Jordan, four second round picks, $5.78m in cash Jahlil Okafor and Sekou Doumbouya. The pistons plan to work on a buyout with Jordan on his two year contract which will save the Nets $47m in salary. Following a contract buy out, Jordan will become a free agent, but where will he sign next?

Jordan retuning to LA

As we know, Jordan played for the LA Clippers as part of the lob city squad with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. However, the move back to LA doesn’t seem to involve the Clippers, but infact their noisy neighbouts; LA Lakers. Since he is becoming a free agent, the Los Angeles Lakers are frontrunners to land his signature. He would provide great rebounding and defensive qualities, as well as a solid pick setter. A player of this skillset is always crucial, especially playing half court basktball in the post season. It will be interesting to see the contract he is offered by the Lakers, as cap space is not something the Lakers have in abundance.

Where would he fit best?

Personally, I think he would be a great pickup for the Phoenix Suns. We saw in the playoff finals that the lack of depth at the 5 was causing problems for Phoenix, more so when trying to stop Giannis Atetokounmpo. DeAndre Ayton was getting into foul trouble and was wasn’t having a nice time in the post. Bringing in DeAndre Jordan allows Phoenix to play big with him and Ayton at the PF and C positions, but he can also be the backup center to Ayton, so he gets som rest.

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